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A Classic Example of Front-Running Media Hype


While this piece is dated, we post it to the blog from time to time, lest we all forget!

 In 2002, we authored a piece entitled A Classic Example of Front-Running Media Hype.  We wrote the piece because we were outraged by all of the media hype surrounding the American Heritage Fund (AHERX) and its manager Heiko Thieme.  Here is why.

In 1989, Mr. Thieme, known as the Rocket Man, (no, not that rocket man!) was named “Best Investment Advisor” at the International Investment Congress.  I guess his past record at American Heritage was an inconvenient truth:

1984 - lost 25%
1987 - lost 19%
1985 - lost 14%
1988 - made 2%
1986 - lost 26%
1989 - lost 3%

In the first quarter of 2002, the American Heritage Fund was #1 in the world, putting Thieme back on all the talk shows, and, true to form, in May of that year, Business Week said Heiko had “a sixth sense for stocks.” In spite of an awesome record of success from 1991 through 1993,...

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