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What Others Say

Over the years, my efforts have received humbling reviews, including:

"We have worked with Active Fund Strategies for over a decade and continue to find them to be a valuable adjunct to our mutual fund research process.  AFS consistently delivers meaningful data in a streamlined fashion that is tailored to our practice, creating both time savings and the value added of Jeff's unique research process." — John K., Columbia MD

 “I have been in the investment business for over 17 years and Jeff McTague's presentation and methodology has been by far the best I have seen.  It should be mandatory that EVERYONE in the investment industry be involved with his presentation and process. — Scot M,  Richmond VA

"After thousands of meetings over many years, the session with Jeff McTague was one of the two or three that directly altered my production.  It is a must-see for any broker."  — William S., Torrance CA

“In terms of making a positive impact on my business, Jeff McTague’s philosophy and process is the single best presentation I have seen in my 22 years as a financial consultant." — JoLynn F., Austin TX

"Jeff McTague gave the best presentation I have seen in 18 years in the business." — Mark M., Atlanta GA

“This is a must program for anyone who uses managed products in their business.” — Fred L., Winterhaven FL

“Quite simply, Jeff McTague taught me a better way to conduct my business.  I thank him for helping make me a better investment professional.” — David B., Richmond VA

“I have doubled my production as a result of Jeff McTague's training.” — Charlene M, Baltimore MD

“I would recommend Jeff McTague's class to any Financial Consultant who wants to improve his business immediately.” — Erin W., St Louis MO

 “Jeff McTague's training has taught me that it is all about the client, which has caused my book of business to expand exponentially.” — Ed N., Falls Church VA

“In my 13 years in the brokerage business, I have yet to run across another person in his capacity that has shown more genuine interest in the success of my business.” — Andy H., Frederick MD

 “Jeff McTague made one of the best presentations I've ever heard.  It was powerful, got your attention, and I look forward to his return trip." — Mark K., Philadelphia PA


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