Get Your 2023 Mutual Fund Report Cards on Every Fund in Every Category!

Did You Know That Successful Mutual Funds Have a Less Than 25% Chance of Repeat Performance?

for any 5-year period, the top 25% of any category deliver top quartile results for the following 5 years just 21% of the time . . .  but bottom quartile results 29% of the time!

So, How Should You Select Mutual Funds?

Your Challenge

In spite of past performance's miserable failure to deliver successful mutual funds, the false value placed on past performance dominates every recommended list at every firm in the country. 

 There must be a better way!

My Solution

Through over 26 years of research, I discovered that successful mutual funds have 9 traits in common.  I use those traits to score every mutual fund in every category.

Let my system, now in its 26th year, help you refine your mutual fund list like never before!

What It Means to You

Finally, you can deliver stronger mutual fund presentations, offering real proof about what funds you recommend and why they will deliver for your clients.

Give yourself the upper hand in the competition for clients!

"Unless you can prove it, it is just your opinion."

“Jeff, glad I got a glimpse of your training.  This kind of training should skyrocket understanding.”              - Don Phillips, Morningstar Managing Director

9 Common Traits of Successful Fund Selection

""As a premium subscriber to Morningstar, I can tell you without question your stuff is better than Morningstar.""

Ken Ziesenheim
retired President Thornburg Funds

"I have been in the investment business for over 17 years and Jeff’s presentation and methodology has been by far the best I have seen. It should be mandatory that EVERYONE in the investment industry be involved with his presentations and process. It puts me head shoulders above my competitors!"

Scot M.
Financial Advisor, Richmond VA

""In terms of making a positive impact on my business, Jeff's philosophy and process is the single best presentation I have seen in my 22 years as a financial consultant.""

JoLynn F.
RBC, Austin TX

Your Personal OnLine Focus List

"We have worked with Jeff McTague for over a decade . . . He consistently delivers meaningful data . . . that is tailored to our practice, creating both time savings and the value added of his unique process."  John Keeney, Columbia MD

Eliminate the clutter of 30,000 mutual funds, and really FOCUS!

Once you have used my system to select the funds for your recommended list, let me create special Report Cards, consisting  of just your funds, which only you may access, anytime from anywhere!

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